3D Printing Technologies

Industrial 3D Printers

The most common technique used by the current consumer 3D printers is called fused deposition modeling (FDM), also known as fused filament fabrication (FFF). The thermoplastic filament (the consumable – like the ink with your old ink jet) is extruded from a heated print head, a process that is called thermoplastic extrusion. This basically means that the hot print head literally dribbles small drops of molten plastic to form the layers of the object you are printing.

Adding layer upon layer, you will see your new object come together on the printing bed of your 3D printer.

The enclosed is a link to 3dprintinindustry.com , where you can find a very informative section on 3D Printing Technologies:-


3D Printing Materials

From scale models, gifts and clothing to prosthetic limbs, hearing aids and the prospect of 3D-printed homes, the possibilities seem endless.So you may ask what are the materials that can be used in 3D Printing , well the range is increasing and the possibilities seem to be multiplying rapidly .

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