Benefits of Mid Brain Activation

Benefit For Children Benefit For Parents
Develops Concentration [Learn Faster] Improves relationship with the child
Expands Memory [Recall when needed Will learn how to handle children positively
Enriches Intuition [Proper Decisions]  
  Will be happy to see the child improving in all areas
Improves sports [Better Motor Skills][Kinesthetic] When exercises are done with child, health improves
Balance hormone [Enjoy Health]; Start of the day with happy feelings
Enhances Emotional Intelligence [Respond / React] [Interpersonal+Interpersonal] Happy mind is productive mind, hence probability of increased
Enhances Logical Skills [Logical ] In most instances Child could give up watching TV , engaging and more constructive habits
Improves Both IQ and EQ Anxiety due to Stress , Irritation and unknown fears for the Child's well being will be greatly reduced
Improves Self Esteem [Interpersonal] , Language [Linguistic ] and Spatial Skills [Visual ] Will be happy to spend more quality time with child due to reduced stress
Every great thinker, every great inventor, is a person who is able to effectively use both brain hemispheres and the different types of consciousness. This is called “high-mind brain development” – and you can become one of the ten percent of humanity who have developed this ability!

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