Importance of education

Education is the fundamental building block for an individual, which continues throughout his life, allowing him to learn, grow, contribute and be a part of society.

Some of the renowned scholars say:

"Education is really aimed at helping students get to the point where they can learn on their own... "
 says renowned linguist, philosopher, historian, and scientist, Noam Chomsky.

Right education should help the student, not only to develop his capacities, but to understand his own highest interest. J. Krishnamurti

Darwin gave the theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’; we can say in a way that education prepares the individual for the struggle of life for his own survival.

The role that education plays is nowhere more important than in the 21st century, the Digital Age, an era of highly disruptive change, information availability at your fingertips and technology pervading every aspect of our lives.

Assessments in Education:

Paris 1900, The City fathers approached a talented psychologist named Alfred Binet if he could devise some kind of measure that would predict which youngsters would succeed and which would fail in the primary grades of Paris schools. Binet succeeded and his measure the IQ, Intelligence quotient came into being. Why did IQ gain popularity , Intelligence could now be quantifiable ,i.e you could now measure someones actual or potential intelligence .We had one dimension of mental ability along which we could array everyone.

Along with the one dimensional view of how to assess people's minds comes a corresponding view of school, which I would call the “uniform view “. A uniform school features a core curriculum – a set of facts that everyone should know and very few electives. The better students perhaps those with higher IQ's are allowed to take courses that call on critical thinking, reading, calculation skills. In the uniform school there are regular assessments, using paper and pencil instruments of the IQ variety. These assessments yield reliable rankings of people , the best and the brightest get into better colleges , and perhaps but only perhaps they will also get better rankings in life .We have testimony that this system works at least for certain people, IIM, IIT, MIT, Harvard, Stanford’s of the world can testify to that.

The uniform school sounds fair – after all, everyone is treated in the same way. But wait a minute, there is something not quite right here, the uniform school picks out and is addressed to a certain kind of mind -we might call it the IQ mind.

IQ tests find correlations amongst test scores, because it measures the ability to respond to items of a logical -mathematical or linguistic sort only. There are different kinds of IQ tests, but most analyze your visual, mathematical and language abilities as well as your memory and information processing speed.

Assessment focuses only on cognitive learning outcomes and in the process, co-curricular domains are neglected, even though co-curricular areas are an equally important and significant part of child development. Even in curricular areas, the focus is on rote learning and memorization, characterized by a neglect of higher mental abilities such as critical thinking, problem solving and creative ability.

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