Is your child "left-brained" or "right-brained"? Left-brained children tend to be more analytical while right-brained children are more creative, so says the old adage. But in recent years, psychologists have found that having one side dominate the brain can be detrimental to a child's development. Now, psychologists are pushing for what they call "brain balance."

Right Brain-Left Brain Theory

Roger Wolcott Sperry, a Nobel laureate, developed the right brain-left brain theory while studying patients with epilepsy and noticing how different the right side of the brain is from the left side. His theory has transferred to school psychologists as educators have worked to find ways to strengthen either the right brain or left brain. In recent times, psychologists suggest a more holistic approach, rather than having students / individuals engaged in activities that dominate in either logic or creativity.

Description of the Left-Hemisphere Functions Constantly monitors our sequential, ongoing behavior Responsible for awareness of time, sequence, details, and order Responsible for auditory receptive and verbal expressive strengths Specializes in words, logic, analytical thinking, reading, and writing Responsible for boundaries and knowing right from wrong Knows and respects rules and deadlines.

Description of the Right-Hemisphere Functions Alerts us to novelty; tells us when someone is lying or making a joke Specializes in understanding the whole picture Specializes in music, art, visual-spatial and/or visual-motor activities Helps us form mental images when we read and/or converse Responsible for intuitive and emotional responses. Helps us to form and maintain relationships

Brain Balance

Creativity , Visualization and Innovative strategies are governed by Right Brain development . Most of the Population is Left Brain users or Logical , whereas the Right Brain is dubbed as more creative . All geniuses say be it Einstein , Da Vinci , Mozart or anyone else have proved it beyond doubt that they all had a more creative side ,and not just the logical /mathematical side to their studies / research /work /discoveries.

Brains need both hemispheres working together, says Dr. Robert Melillo, renowned author and expert in neuropsychology and neurobehavioral disorders in children. "A balanced brain makes a child's digestion and immune system function properly and also increases intellectual ability," he says. When a child doesn't have a balanced brain, he can have problems with his "motor skills, ability to process information, digestive system, hormones and immune system."

Parents need to try to find out where the imbalance is. Children who have a left-brain delay, meaning the left side is weaker, may struggle with writing and processing language. Right-brain delay can show up as clumsiness, odd posture and poor motor skills.

Mid Brain activation essentially acts as a handshake , making the right brain and left brain work together seamlessly ,if done with proper process and activiated , unleashing learning potentials in children which is beyond imagination.

Child develops a winning attitude, Will Power and Spiritual Skills. The child can guess a Picture, Colour, Shape And can also read a book with eyes closed (Blind Fold).Ability that increase Intelligences, Concentration, focus on learning. Child develops Academic Strength, positive personality and sharp mind.

It is essentially a program inspired by Maria Montessori , Glenn Doman , Makoto Shichida , Tony Buzan and many others .It is a gentle but powerful method of activating both hemispheres of the brain.

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