Our Story

The concept of education that we know was essentially all about going to a good school, getting good marks and then a degree from a good college, getting settled with a job and that was about it. This construct does not hold true anymore, though at the most basic level this is what every parent or individual desires, but as such the environment around us plays a very important part. Today's environment is all about change, actually an environment where disruptive change not stability is a given.

Today’s news is filled with messages of crisis and change in the global markets and the world of work. It is a confusing, precarious and scary world for the young generation thinking about careers, skills and jobs. Finding and sustaining a job is profoundly different today and tomorrow, and young people are exposed to sudden changes, precarious employment and careers, and a need for continual re-adaption.

We live in a society which is continually evolving yet, somehow, it has become generally accepted that “education” should not change. Many still hold expectations that what "used to work" remains appropriate. But we are not the same, we are different. The world is different. ThinkersPOD was specifically formed to adress this change, the change that is now affecting every part of our lives, the change that should be part of our “education system “. The idea behind ThinkersPOD is to develop and provide programs that will be able to provide awareness, endowing skills and literacies that are required to grow, sustain and survive in this Digital age.

The start to the 21st Century has been very eventful and has been marked by changes at a rapid pace , globalization , advances in telecommunications and transportation, expansion of capitalism and democracy, and free trade agreements have resulted in unprecedented global economic and cultural integration. Technology developments show no sign of slowing, it pervades every aspect of our lives and will continue to do so.

Change is the only constant, as we see changes have been far rapid and faster, especially with technology entering into every aspect of our lives. The 21st century is the age of the Knowledge Economy , signified by the growing amount of information available. .At the same time the changes open up new possibilities, challenge old ways of building skills, finding employment and creating jobs. Finding employment is no longer just a linear process of basic education –vocational education –looking for a ready job –being employed (and staying there).

The main trend is growing competition – competition for access to resources and markets, and for ideological and political domination. Finding jobs and carving out a career today and tomorrow calls for enterprising attitudes and skills that will light the path to the future.


To become a parallel education provider, utilizing innovative technology and methodologies, towards endowing 21st century skills, supporting clients in developing the skills and attitudes that will make them career and citizenship ready.


Endowing 21st Century Skills.


Our Relationship with you is not just a business transaction, but a partnership that we are committed to nurture and grow keeping in touch with the times and the changes that occur. Our commitment to this relationship with you rests on the values of;

  • Trust: This encompasses essentially all the core values as without trust there is no relationship.
  • Honesty: This is essentially about honesty to ourselves and to our clients.
  • Ability to listen: This is our ability to be open to feedback whether it be constructive or not and thereon act on it, continually improving ourselves leading to better services to you.
  • Customer Delight : The need to always focus and deliver customer delight consistently. .This also includes the ability to research, develop and deploy products that will deliver consistent value to our client.

At the Core what drives us is the simple phrase “customer delight “. This maniacal focus is more than a mantra; putting the customer first is evident in everything that we do, the product we develop, the support we provide and the way we market and sell. We pride ourselves in delivering service with a smile.

Social Responsibility: Doing well as a company and as a business is important, but doing good, means a lot to us too. Here are some causes that we care about;

Shatayu: ‘Shatayu’ is a non profit organization- a public service initiative by Govindbhai C. Patel Foundation, which is supported by Ganesh Housing Corporation Limited. It was evolved with the twofold objective of increasing awareness about organ donation in India, and broadening the mindset of people towards the gift of life.

GiveIndia.org: GiveIndia is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs that have been scrutinized for transparency & credibility.

IMFPA: The MFPA is an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouth or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.

Our Philosophy :

Our Programs , from our learning to our curriculum to our relationships with the kids , strongly reinforce 21st Century Learning Goals.

Awareness :

One of the most important characteristics of leaders and the most sucessful people in every area of life is that they know who they are, what they believe in and what they stand for. Most of what we achieve in life and work will be determined more by what is going on inside of you than by any other factor. Without awareness of yourself you do not know your strengths, weakness, your values, your beliefs, your expectations and without such clarity there cannot be meaningful progress.

Goals :

When you have clear exciting goals , you will feel happier about youself and your world. Without goals which are congruent with your inner self ( awareness ), you are akin to a lifeless leaf blowing in the wind, its direction and final resting place not by its choice ever.

Action :

Framing Goals and just looking at them never makes them comes true, unlike most of the promises which are advertised for say “ easy money “ , “easy jobs “ , “ easy life “ .Easy would essentially mean without effort and I am sure we have fallen for such gimmicks at some point of time or at least been tempted. There is nothing called “easy “ , there is nothing called luck or magic unless you combine it with “action “. Action is the magic ingredient which gives you the chance to attain your goals and be successful.

Persistence :

The value of persistence comes not from stubbornly clinging to the past. It comes from a vision of the future that's so compelling you would give almost anything to make it real. With any goal your emotions and motivation will go up and down. Persistence with a clear vision will keep you on target when you are down. When you are up you will go through challenges like a steamroller. If you want an insurance policy against failure there is no charge for it. It is within you. It is called persistence.

Excellence :

It requires an incredible commitment to persist through the ups and downs associated with becoming your best and maintaining your best performance. You must ignite something within that drives you to excel. You must not only commit yourself to the goal of excelling, but must also commit yourself to act on a daily basis in ways that lead you to excel. This includes committing yourself to engage in ongoing, high quality preparation (mental, physical and technical) and committing yourself to give your best for the entire performance. It means setting clear personal goals and relentlessly pursuing them.

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